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Dall’Antonia Francesco, born in Rho Milan April 22, 1981 Passionate for painting since his childhood and encouraged by the artistic talent already present in the family.In 2003, he learned the art of airbrushing for decoration and expression; and participated with some of his first works in regional competitions first and then nationally with a great success.  Consequently, he transformed what was an amusement into a job.After more than 10 years of activity, Francesco Dall’Antonia can collaborate and provide expertise in special painting, customization and implementation of authentic art works on any media for various members in the automotive, motorcycle and aeronautical.In 2012, after an experience in Canada and the U.S.A. he opened a studio of art and tattoo in Canegrate in the province of Milan named “Orishas Tattoo and Art Studio”.In fact, this last technique that for years had aroused in him a lot of enthusiasm, gives him the possibility of being able to strongly enter into this field, which indirectly was his already through his graphic, design and color styles. The Francesco Dall’Antonia’s style.

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